Marble Polishing BeforeMarble Polishing AfterMARBLE POLISHING & STONE RESTORATION

Dynamic results for marble, travertine, limestone and terrazzo floors, walls and counter tops. My diamonds can bring your elegant stone back to life. If your stone is damaged and scratched or new, I can take your stone floor to the next level of beauty.
Choose between Ultra-Shine or Satin finish. The mirror-like Ultra-Shine is glossy and beautiful and will show the most dynamic reflection of your light fixtures. It is a sight to behold and an excellent choice for all homes. Satin is less dynamic, matte finish. It is often chosen for public buildings and other places where a less slippery appearance is desired.
I can make your polishing dreams come true and make no dust.  My system will contain the slurry in a solution.  I usually blue tape along the base a few inches up.
  1. SWEEP and prepare stone surface.
  2. MIST proper solution on stone.
  3. POLISH stone with machine.
  4. RINSE, dry and behold.
  5. PROTECT your investment with the highest grade impregnating sealer available.
Call (608) 445-2522 during normal business hours for a free estimate and I can meet you out at your stone.