Carpet Cleaning

Expert Service

Extra Steps

You deserve healthy carpets and the best cleaning experience.  Expect better results than other systems.
CALL and experience our carpet cleaning super service.
Every job is customized to the specifications of your home or building.
Full-service includes:
  • VACUUMING with top rated vacuum, for superior Dry Soil Removal
    • Scientifically complete dry soil removal
    • Includes vacuuming soiled areas up to 16 times
  • Application of DETERGENT
    • Detergent breaks down molecular bonds
    • Releases soil, stains and old residues
  • Electronic SCRUB of carpet with counter-rotating brush (CRB)
    • Agitation increases physical contact between the detergent and sticky dirt
    • Increases the ability of the detergent’s chemistry
  • High Temperature, Sanitizing, pH-Balanced RINSE
    • Tool focuses the power of the truck mount vacuum for an improved cleaning
    • Evacuates more moisture for faster drying
    • pH-Balance repels future dirt
  • Environmentally Friendly Protectant
    • High-grade
    • Fiber penetration is superior to water-based protectants
  • Fast Dry Times
    • Fast-evaporating high-temperature solutions
    • Carpets are mostly dry after cleaning, and totally evaporate in hours (depending on the humidity level).  You can help by creating a good drying environment after cleaning.
    • We have power air movers for rapid drying – just ask.

How to prepare your rooms


Remove small items to other rooms if possible.  We can go around your cabinets and entertainment centers.

Vacuum any visible debris.

In most cases, we will park on the street in front of your home, or in the drive way, and run two hoses into the house.  One hose will provide heated water, and the other to remove it under vacuum power.


Wicking can occur after any carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning addresses the dirt in the fibers of the rug.

If a flood, large or small has occurred, this is beyond cleaning.

Cleaning may remove the substance in the carpet fibers, but a wicking stain of residue may appear in the last moments of drying.

Sometimes this can be made to fade with a post-cleaning spotting agent.


some notes on cleaning

Cleaning is the science of controlling contaminants.  It is the process of locating, identifying, containing, removing, and properly disposing of unwanted substances from an environment.

The cleaning process is our most powerful means of ensuring the quality of our most immediate surroundings and protecting our health and our most valuable possessions.

Cleaning allows us to use our valuable space over and over.  We clean for aesthetics and to send messages of dignity and prestige.

Often, we clean for safety and to ensure sanitation and health.

People hire a carpet cleaner to reduce exposures of humans and valuable materials to harmful substances and conditions.

The benefit occurs when pollutants are removed and exposures reduced.

All of us are exposed to biological pollutants, which can be minimized with proper carpet cleaning.

Allergic reactions may be the most common health challenge associated with poor indoor air quality in homes.

They are often connected with animal dander, dust mites, and pollen.

Common signs and symptoms include watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, coughing, headaches, and fatigue.

Health experts are especially concerned about people with asthma. Some folks have sensitive airways.

Properly cleaning and maintaining your home will reduce your risk so you can continue your normal routines in the best of health.