Kim S.

Thanks again for your prompt service. We truly appreciate your help and concern.

Bub Zwygart

The carpets look good, thanks for the quick service.

Mrs. Peg Stiles

It’s astounding how good the carpet looks after Jason’s pre-conditioning and rinse. He uses the best juices. He has been able to succeed at my house with a raspberry spot and worse.

Mrs. D. S.

I’m sitting in the house looking at the carpet and it looks so nice and clean! I was starting to think I needed new carpet, and now I have “new” carpet after Jason worked on it. Thanks!

Mary Richardson

I was very pleased with how my carpets looked after Jason Lostetter cleaned them. Not only did they look like new, but stubborn spots that other professional cleaners in the past had not been able to clean up, Jason was … Read More