Dynamic results for marble, travertine, and limestone floors.


Using diamond and crystal technology, I can polish your elegant stone back to life.


If your stone is damaged, etched, or worn, I can bring your stone floor back to the top level of beauty.


I can make your polishing dreams come true.


This system creates a small amount of liquid contained slurry.


The typical polishing includes:
  1. PREPARE FLOOR by vacuum or sweep of debris.
  2. DEEP CLEAN with stone safe stripping cleaner.
  3. DIAMOND WORK with floor machine.
  4. RINSE, dry


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Calcium surfaces will be chemically burned by acid liquids. This will result in spots that cannot be cleaned without diamond work.


LIMESTONE is a sedimentary rock containing calcium carbonate. It is commonly finished to a smooth but dull surface by honing.


MARBLE is metamorphosed limestone, an altered form of the calcium carbonate. It can often be identified by veins of color running through the stone. Marble will take a high polish resulting in a highly reflective shine. Marble may also be finished by honing to a flat, dull shine.


TRAVERTINE is sedimentary and largely calcium.┬áTravertine is a form of limestone deposited by hot spring water.┬áTravertine has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exists in tan, cream, and rusty varieties. It’s formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate.┬áTravertine often develops voids or holes in the surface that may need to be filled.


Travertine naturally erodes holes that can be filled by a professional.


SERPENTINITE is a metamorphic rock sometimes classified as a marble because of the high shine it can take on. However, it does not contain calcium. Serpentinite is created in the accretionary wedges of subduction zones, made of igneous material and sea water. It’s usually green.



Can you see where this hole has been filled?


Limestone, travertine, and marble become worn and abraded due to foot traffic and abrasive soils.


My system is a safe, easy, and effective way to restore your stone to the surface you want.